Divya Rolla Cult.Fit

Cult.Fit Relax Yoga

Divya Rolla has completed the Teacher’s Training Course (TTC) and the Advanced TTC at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai

Uttara Venugopal

Vinyasa Krama by Yogavahini

Explore the Yoga Sutras

Uttara Venugopal is a senior teacher and facilitator at Yogavahini.

Raam Kumar


Raam is a Kalarippayattu performer and instructor from Kerala.

Dina Lebinger

Nia Dance

Nia Yoga

Dina’s first experience with Nia was totally surprising with an immediate connection.

Mahesh Vinayakram

How to chant yoga mantras

Asanas, Myths and Mantras

Hunch Album launch

Mahesh Vinayakram, illustrious son of the legendary Grammy Award winner Padmabhishan T.H.Vikku Vinayakram.

Sandra Schultze

Asanas, Myths and Mantras

Nia Yoga

Yoga crossed Sandra’s path late, after years spent in video editing rooms, body stiff.

Yotam Agam

Asanas, Myths and Mantras

Hunch Album launch

Nia Yoga

Yotam is a Producer, Audio Engineer, Yoga Teacher, Musician and a surfer.

Anand Anandan

Traditional Hatha Sivananda Flow

Yin / Restorative Yoga

Anand was born to a fisherman family in Kovalam and chose yoga as his life path.

Rohini Manohar


One Love Yoga Flow

Flow 360

Rohini’s favorite things to do are smile, hug, and do yoga.

Catalina Denis

Heart of Yoga

Catalina’s first contact with yoga dates back to her birth in Colombia, where she watched her grandfather meditate and practice.

Nora Lim

Defy Your Gravity - Aerial Yoga

Nora Lim is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, infusing music and sound.

IndieFlow Movement Arts

Poi & Flow Arts

Yacobeh and Sarenaberi have together formed IndieFlow, an organization aimed at spreading Flow Arts and other Movement forms in India.

Sagar Sehar

Classic Hatha Flow

Anapanasati Meditation

In the age of distraction, Sagar considers himself grateful to have discovered the path of truth.

Divya Srinivasan

Women’s Circle and Chakra Dhyana

Divya is a yoga teacher, tarot reader, therapist and energy healer.

Shakti Shilpa


Stretching, Deep Breathing

& Relaxation

Shakti is the innovative, nature loving, free spirit behind Acro Yoga Chennai.

Mithila Rohra

Krida Yoga

Tea meditation

Mithila, a young dynamic Yogini, who has immense yogic wisdom and is a mentor to students from different Institutions, has a Master of Philosophy in Yoga.

Kali Veerapathiran



Kali has completed his post graduation at Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai and became a freelance dancer.

Xavana Dias

Cult.Fit Dance for Joy

Xavana is the Format Head for Dance for Joy, Prowl and Dance Fitness at Cult.fit
She has been a group/dance exercise trainer

Leena Kinger

Ashtanga Intermediate

Leena Kinger is Authorized (Level 2) – Ashtanga Yoga by the KPJAYI, Mysore.

Sangeeta Janardhan

Crystal Meditation

The ability to connect heart to heart, soul to soul, being to being is the one gift.


Thappatham Folk Dance

Chitrasenan has completed graduate studies in tamil and qualified teacher of the language.

Bebe Merino

Traditional Thai Massage Workshop

Ignite Your Energy - Vinyasa Flow

Bebe started her career as a physical therapist in London in 2000.

Shrutha Manjunath

Cult.Fit Hatha Yoga

Cult.Fit Power Yoga

Shrutha is the City Head for Yoga at Cult.Fit, Bangalore. She has been practicing yoga and other forms of fitness training for over 7 years.

Manish Pole

Hatha Yoga Abhyasa

Prana and Pranayama

Manish lived with his Guru for 7 years; learning and teaching Yoga & Meditation.

Natasha Mahindra

Dynamic Dance Meditation

Yoga Therapy

Natasha Mahindra is a certified yoga therapist, self confessed gypsy yogini.

Sukanya (AKA Inya)

Prana Veda

Tea meditation

Sukanya aka INYA is a contemporary Yoga Master who has taken on the onus of demystifying Yoga.

Deepak M R

Cult.Fit Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Deepak is City Head for Yoga at Cult.Fit, Hyderabad

Priscilla Danenberg

Feminine Dance

Living in Auroville for the past 7 years, she is holding free expression Dance spaces, and guiding women with Feminine dance for the past 10 years.

Abida Hameed

Krida Yoga

Abida Hameed is a Venerable Veteran at ISB well known for her eclectic knowledge about Yoga and Holistic living.

Harini Ravi

Ashtanga for Beginners

What started out as a passing interest in Yoga soon turned into passion and led Harini to switch careers.

Vera Kubarchuk

Sound Healing

Vera Kubarchuk is a singer, dancer and sound therapist living in Auroville.

Juru Yoga

Plank Challenge

JURU Yoga is an eco-conscious Indian brand that develops sustainable yoga products.

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